[2024 Latest] Download and Save Youjizz Porn Videos Quickly

Just like DrTuber, Sunporno, and Nuvid, Youjizz is a free adult streaming site. Youjizz gets more and more popular for its pretty rich library of over 4,500,000 porn videos of various categories. Youjizz supports both English and Chinese, allowing users all over the world to enjoy their favorite shows for totally free.

What's more, to offer the best service and meet the requirements of most viewers, Youjizz offers an official download feature. You don't have to use any online downloaders or paid tools to get Youjizz video download. However, there are drawbacks of its download service.

This post will explain Youjizz download procedure in detail and introduce the best alternative to the official download service. If you want to discover other sites like Youjizz, visit the Adult section of Y2Mate Blog, where you can find how to download from DrTuber and download Sunporno videos for free.

Is Youjizz Safe?


To begin with, we'll explain the most concerned question of Youjizz users: Is Youjizz safe? Fortunately, based on our investigation, Youjizz is a safe site to stream on. It also passes the check of Google and unbiased link checkers like VirusTotal.

However, Youjizz does not pose zero risks. When streaming here, you should also pay special attention to the malicious ads, including pop-up ads and sidebar ads as they may bring virus. As Youjizz is a free site, it has to earn money from commercials. Some ads may also pop up when you pause the video. Therefore, be careful when you click on ads in Youjizz, as they may carry potential risks to your computer.

Can You Download Youjizz Video?

Can you download Youjizz video? The answer is yes. You can even directly download Youjizz video from the browser without the help of any online Youjizz downloader or software. Here is the download procedure:

  1. Enter Youjizz and play the video you like
  2. Find the Download icon embedded in the player

youjizz video download

  1. Click on the Download icon
  2. The video will be downloaded in your browser

Although this way to download Youjizz porn video is pretty easy and simple, it also poses many drawbacks. For example, the download speed is not so satisfactory. As the download process is conducted in your browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox), the download speed will be comparatively slow. Based on our findings, it will take 2 hours or more to download a video about 200 MB.

Another shortcoming is that the download feature may not be available for every video in Youjizz. For some Youjizz porn shows, the download icon is hidden so you can not directly download it from Youjizz. If you want to save such videos on your computer, a reliable Youjizz downloader is necessary.

What's more, the embedded download icon offers no options for video quality. Namely, you can't customize the video quality as you prefer. The Youjizz video can only be saved in default settings.

How to Get Youjizz Video Download Quickly?

As mentioned before, for users who pursue faster download speed and higher download quality, a powerful Youjizz video downloader is necessary. How to pick up the most appropriate one from the market? Here we recommended Y2Mate Video Downloader, a versatile tool with higher cost performance.

The Best Youjizz Downloader: Y2Mate Video Downloader

youjizz video downloader

By using Y2Mate Video Downloader, you can enjoy multiple functions to download from XVIDEOS, Pornhub, Youjizz, DrTuber, Upornia, and other hundreds of porn sites. Y2Mate aims to offer the best download experience for users, and that's why it applies advanced tech to download high-quality videos up to 1080P and remove all ads from downloaded videos.

Supported by GPU Acceleration tech, you can enjoy super fast download speed with Y2Mate up to 12M/s. To download a video of about 200 MB, Y2Mate allows you to finish the download process within minutes. You can also customize the download settings as you prefer, including video, audio, subtitle, automatic download, and more.

Y2Mate free trial is available for every newcomer. You can download 720P shows from a part of the sites for totally free as many as you like. To unlock more sites and advanced features like batch download, you need to subscribe to the Plus version at reasonable prices.

Y2Mate Video Downloader
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  • Download Videos from 1000+ Sites in High Quality up to 1080p
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  • Save Subtitles as External SRT Files
  • Save Time and Energy by Downloading Multiple Videos in a Batch
  • Download New Episodes Automatically
  • Enjoy Unlimited Free Trial to Download 720P Videos
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Download Youjizz Video with Y2Mate

Y2Mate simplifies the download procedure of Youjizz porn into 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Copy the URL of Youjizz Video

Navigate to the Youjizz video that you want to download, and copy the URL from browser.

youjizz video download

Step 2 - Paste the URL to Y2Mate

Launch Y2Mate and click "Paste URL". Paste the video URL and customize the download settings. Click on "Download" to save the Youjizz video on the local file of your computer. You can also paste the URL to the search bar and directly enter the webplayer to download videos after Y2Mate finishes analyzing the URL.

youjizz video download

Step 3 - Check the Download Progress

You can click "Downloading" to check the download progress. And trigger the local file that your videos are saved in by clicking the file icon beside each video from "Downloaded".

youjizz video download


In conclusion, this post introduces the official method and a faster way to get Youjizz video download for different users. The ability to download and save Youjizz porn videos quickly has become increasingly accessible with the help of tools like the Y2Mate Video Downloader. With the right downloader, you can efficiently save your favorite content from Youjizz for offline viewing. As technology continues to evolve, so too does the ease of accessing and storing adult content. Upgrade your Youjizz download experience with the best Youjizz downloader: Y2Mate now!

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