What is AV01? Summary of the dangers of using it and how to save videos on your computer

This article introduces AV01, a free adult video site originating from China, which is becoming increasingly popular in Japan due to its large number of movies and free viewing characteristics. However, you need a way to download videos safely. While most adult video sites in Japan require a monthly subscription or purchase by the work, this article will explain in detail about AV01, which allows you to watch full-length movies completely free of charge.

What is AV01?

AV01 is a free adult video site originating from China, and its main feature is that it allows users to watch mainly Japanese paid and feature-length works for free. The site is displayed in Chinese and English, but the titles of the works are mainly in Japanese, and the search function also supports Japanese. The site is also divided into genres in detail, making it an easy-to-use site for users.

Safety of AV01

Because AV01 is an overseas site, some may be concerned about its safety. However, as long as you do not click on any strange pop-up ads, it will not harm your computer. Be very careful when using the site and do not enter personal information easily.

How to download videos from AV01

The recommended download tool for downloading videos from AV01 is Y2Mate downloader.

Y2Mate is a one-click downloader for video content from paid subscription platforms and is available for Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as AV01.

Instructions for using the Y2Mate downloader are as follows

1. download the software from the official Y2Mate website.

2. go to the AV01 website and open the page of the video you want to download.
3. launch Y2Mate Downloader and copy and paste the URL of the AV01 video page into the URL input field of Y2Mate Downloader.

4. when the video starts playing, the download screen will appear automatically and you will be able to set the quality, format, etc.

Although Y2Mate downloader is a paid software, the free version allows you to experience the same features as the full version with a limited number of videos. Therefore, it is recommended for first-time users. When using the software, make sure that it is stable, easy to use, and safe.


In this article, we introduced "AV01," a free adult video site from China, and explained the precautions for safe use and how to download videos using the Y2Mate downloader. AV01 offers a wide variety of movies and free viewing, and the Y2Mate downloader makes it safe and easy to download videos. However, it is important to be very careful when using this service and to avoid entering personal information easily.

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